Pictures of West Hills College Futsal Camp in 2016 and dates of camp July 24th-28th
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West Hills College Soccer Futsal Camp

Camp Dates: July 24-28, 2017

It is the clinic's philosophy to develop all of our players' individual skill on the ball through; maximizing touches on the ball,  increasing coordination of the entire body equally, mastery of the ball through repetition, and creating success for the players through small sided games.  

Eagle Juniors 8:10am-9am (4-5 yr olds) $40 

This camp session is for the little ones. We introduce the ball to them and get them running with it. We work on agility with and without the ball. We have a move of the day and they are encouraged to use that move through out the day and everyday ends in a "game" where campers can play the game and are encouraged to keep the ball and take on players and score.

Little Eagles 8:10am-10am(6-11 yr olds) $75

This session is for the kids that are new to the sport and want to give it a try or maybe they have played for a season and liked it now want to improve their basic skills. In the Little Eagle sessions players are encouraged to run with the ball using different parts of their feet. They will be taught several moves each days as well as dribbling sequences. These are great skills to practice at home and take back to their recreational teams. We end everyday with games where they will be able to try the new skills they learned in a faster paced surface forcing them to make quicker decisions. 

Super Eagles- Advanced Camps (8-13 yr olds)-$100

Session 1- 10:10-12pm

Session 2- 1:10pm-3pm

The Advance Camp is for competitive soccer players that want to take their skills to the next level. This is a fast paced, high intensitiy work out that is focused on individual skills to beat opponents when running at them. Individuals will be given advanced skills and dribbling techniques everyday and the first 30 mins of everyday will be 1 player 1 ball technical dribbling. The last 45 mins of every day will be games where campers will play the fast paced game of futsal in teams of 4-5. Attendance is limited and so early registration encouraged. Last year this camp was full so dont miss out and register early.